29th April Saturday
100 mile

One hundred miles today

Leaving Lordsburg behind after a healthy  American breakfast and many coffees. It was good to rest in a room with soft bed and an air conditioned room. Just after midday we exited the small dusty town not before I ordered a new tent pole and  extra pegs, Ken need two and one for myself as a spear.

Took a while to walk out of town and to my ammasment, we walked passed a drive through bank,  just like what you see  at McDonald’s  but you put your stuff in a box and it some how gets transported to the counter via a series of tubes. Ken say you can do both, deposit and withdraw  cash.

Drive through bank

Once out of town the going was similar to the previous days. It was much cooler which I was happy about.

Good bye Lordsburg 

Come time to look for a place to camp, it was blowing hard and we found an ideal spot away from the strong wind  gusts.
However, while setting up my tent, the main pole broke again, then again. Total three times since I’ve started this track. Fortunately all the breaks are in the same location and I’ll have a new one waiting fore me in the next town.

We moved  on to find a better spot which we did and this one proved to be well sheltered .

Finally a place to camp away from the winds