11th June Sunday
24 miles

Made it to Monarch Crest for resupply.

The trail was easy going for most of the day,  I looked closer on the map and found a jeep trail that saved me a big climb as it took the lower path.  While there on the Jeep path I meet an elderly couple, they invited me for a glass of wine and lunch, I guess I should have but I just eaten and as I haven’t drunk alcohol since I started the trail, I’m sure it would have gone straight to my head and that would be the finish of me today.

About 10 miles from Monarch ridge, was where I followed another jeep trail that faded away into a walking trail that was filled with snow, back to slow walking and navigating every five minutes with the phone GPS.  I’ve been really lucky with the weather side of things, the sun has always been out but the negative is that it softens the snow and I’d therefore be doing a lot of post holing.

Made it to Monarch Crest, there was a gondola that’s takes tourist to the view point but my only interest  was to make sure that my package was in the store.  The store attracts many visitor’s, mainly tourists travelling through the area and some on motorbikes that look so comfortable with their music speaker playing as the ride by.  Sure enough the package was there, after a coffee and a look around the many divisions that sold trinkets from a dollar to artworks of various past actor’s  such as John Wayne,  I started to reorganise my backpack to carry 6 days worth of food that I think I only need 3 days. Again too much and I have another 5 days worth of food waiting for me at Twin Lakes.  At this rate I’m  going to have to dump some of this good or eat double the amount. Easier said than done.

A shelter American  style 

My walking stick collapses when I use it, the pin that holds it onto place doesn’t work as it should now so I’m down to one stick. Not happy  and there isn’t anything I can do  about it until I get to Twin Lakes in 5 days time.

See the left stick with the pin only half out

Bikes parked at Monarch Crest

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