9th June Friday

Noodles or Pasta?
With the snow behind me, for now, the walking was through rolling hills and farming properties.  My feet were getting tired from the hard farm track but it was a welcome releif from the hard climbing in snow from the previous  weeks.

No sight of Ken, i guess I left him behind when I crossed over the Pass when we left Creede.  Makes a good change travelling alone for a while,  I’m sure he will catch up soon

Dinner, what should I have? Pasta or two minute  noodles, both are appealing on a hungry stomach.  Noodles take 3 minutes  whereas Pasta 8. I have plenty of gas so that’s not an issue, but what is an issue is the big hill climb I have to do first up tomorrow morning and that’s 6 miles.

Weight, looking at two packets of noodles total 170g where as pasta is 119g.  Its noodles tonight, its not much extra weight but 3 hours of climbing every grams makes a difference.