7th June Wednesday

24 miles

Green grass at last, I’m so over snow

Early start of 6:30 where our goal is to get to the junction on the Creede shortcut.

We followed foot prints again today which makes navigation  much easier, the prints we followed this morning looked like waffles which  in turn made me hungry.

waffle shoes, makes me hungry 
I’m so over the snow walking, its slow and physically draining.  So we took this shortcut to get away from snow for a while.  On this trail that takes us to Creede, I have new socks, shoes and a warmer jacket.  The going on this trail was difficult as the trees were fire damaged and had been blown down and blocked our trail.

It was really nice to finally see green grass as we made our way, passing Goose Creek trail, then Roaring Fork trail and finally after walking for over 12 hours today we camped on the Deep Creek trail which is 10 miles from a hot breakfast Wi-Fi and the post office at Creede.

Green fields at last