27th May Saturday

It was a slow wakeup this morning, as the sun hit the tent, I was just too comfortable to get motivated or maybe I’m feeling tired from being on the trail for so long, eight day from last town.

Just below among the trees is where we camped

I learnt my lesson from yesterday and now put the handle of my walking stick under my tent, at the feet end so I don’t  notice it but it makes it harder for the local chipmunks to get to them.

First up we had a stream to cross, yesterday  from the camp site it looked like we could just step over it but this morning we sat and removed our hiking boots to wear our plastic camp shoes so not to wet our feet in such an early part of the day.

Woodpeckers, I have heard them for a couple of weeks, and I have even  seen their homes.  Today I finally saw one, he was flying from one tree to another, hitting the tree trunk with its beck, maybe to test out the hardness of the wood before making a new home.

By afternoon we were walking at 11,000 feet and for the most part we were walking on snow.  It’s defiantly  harder travelling on snow where is sucks the energy out of you and it’s so easy to lose the trail as the trail itself is under the snow and the marks on the trees are few and far between.  Towards the end of the day, we followed a ridge line which gently  went down hill but the wind was blowing something terrible with cold and getting thrown off the trail was almost to hard to bear.

Thank goodness I have my sun glasses with all this snow

The sun went behind a large cloud and the temperature dropped and the worst thing was that we had three rivers of cold snow water.  Finally we found  somewhere  to camp, wasn’t  perfect as the ground wasn’t level  but with a snow covered stream for our dinner water and hopefully  I have positioned my tent to get the morning sun.

A river we had to cross, cold