27th April Thursday
Camped at 61 miles ( walked 23miles, 37km)

Early start of 7am where  we’re one of the last to leave the waterhole with the broken down windmill.  We wanted to top up our empty  bottles but the pump had stopped working, maybe there was a timer to it.

Walking at a good pace while listening to my audio  book of Game Of Thrones and along the way.   I could see plenty of snake tracks, some were quite large which reinforced  me to keep an eye open all the time.   Ken says the sound of the rattle snake is like the sound of bacon in a frying pan,  so I walk with only one earplug.

Arriving at the last  water catchment was  someone waiting for us to give us ice cold drinks and a place to rest.  His name was APPLE, Maybe that’s his trail name. He travel the country helping out tired hikers like us and giving us refreshment.  We really appreciated his gift of ice cold Powerade,  while we sat and refilled  our empty water bottles he told us about the border security,  only a week ago, armed Mexican crossed the border when they were spotted and not long later three Apache  helicopters were sent to intersect them along with land vehicles .

Today was a very tough day, the heat wad hot and dry with sand blowing in our faces along the way.  We sent the last hour of the day trying to find a place to camp with strong gusts of wind making it difficult. We finally found a depression  in the ground big enough to fit a couple of tents, so we set up camp while fighting the strong winds while erecting the tents.