23 May Tuesday
What a sleep in I had this morning, but still we were on the trail by 8am heading to GhostRanch.

AYCE which I learnt to mean, All You Can Eat and that is what I did. Spaghetti lunch, two serves, two salads, cakes, coffee and a milk chocolate all for the cost of 12 dollars. There was an option of camping at the retreat but at 35 dollars we decided to move on with our full stomach and attack the long lengthy climb that awaits us as we head towards Chama.

Christ in the Desert Ghost Monastery Ranch, which is a retreat and a resupply point for hikers who  post  supplies in advance. We didn’t post anything ahead but instead carried 7 days of food in our bags. This diversion  was a last minute discussion  as we read about the three meals available,
GhostRanch would have been a nice place to stay if we had a couple of extra days, it has a history of being in many movies such as Indiana Jones, Magnificent Seven and Aliens and Cowboys just to name a few. But it’s true beauty was it’s surrendering canyons, natural walks, and sites of where dinosaurs were discovered.

Our timing is important of when we arrive into Chama, our next resupply town, financially  driven mainly as there was a public holiday on the Monday and we only wanted to pay for two not three nights accommodation in a hotel. Each night on average is 75USD half that as I share the room with Ken.
Tuesday night we booked ourselves into a course of awareness of avalanche in snows and as we are venturing in this area in Colorado, it’s a must that I know at least the basics of what to look out for and do.

From a distance you can see GhostRanch

With my stomach still full from lunch, just a coffee and a snack was enough for tonight as we camped once again nice and early at 5pm with a nice blue sky.