22ed May Monday

Going to sleep too early last night resulted in waking up at 3:30 this morning unable to sleep again.  I reached for my phone and did about 45 minutes of study of my Thai vocabulary.  I reflected on my last conversation with my Korean girlfriend, Eunhwa,  where she said I shouldn’t  waste my time on the Thai but instead learn Korean.  To late, I thought, because  I have all the videos and Anki cards installed on my phone.

Views of the Canyon along the way

Another  pleasant morning and if we can believe what the weatherman says, it will be like this for the rest of the week.   Just short of our break for the second breakfast,  I noticed one of my earphones was crackling, I have two sets and the one I’m using was the old pair that the mic doesn’t  work. But when we stopped I soon realised it was probable locust  (crickets) that were making the noise around us.

We travelled much of the morning  in the forest sheltered by trees, but after lunch it was along a dusty road for most of the afternoon.  Lunch was pleasant  enough with views of the Rio Chama River that we crossed by bridge a while ago.  There were signs saying that there was a whirlpool  nearby but being on foot we didn’t search hard for it.

Abandoned buildings

Just three miles from our goal to reach tomorrow  morning, Ghost Ranch visitors centre, we come across an abandoned Conservation centre  and by the looks of things it has been closed for a long time.
We needed water, so I jumped the fence and turned on the tap for the water tank. It wasn’t  clear but after going through my filter I’m sure it will be ok,  Ken wasn’t keen on both, me jumping the fence where it said no trespassers and the colour of the water.  But we filled everything up anyway as our next source was unknown.

Water tank over the fence, yep, I jumped over and turned on the tap

We camped 2 miles short of Ghost Ranch at five in the afternoon, reason being is,  they charge 35 dollars just to put your tent there, whereas it’s free on the trail.  But the benefits  of going to Ghost Ranch is that they cook breakfast, lunch and dinner at reasonable  prices .

So the plan is to head in tomorrow morning, have lunch and maybe dinner, charge up our batteries and use the WiFi and before sunset we make our way back on the trail to camp not far.  So that’s the plan and hopefully it works.