20th May Saturday

Leaving Cuba town after checking  at the post office for the GhostWhisper jacket that should have arrived a couple of days back. It hadn’t arrived yet.  I asked the postmaster if they can forward it onto Chama when it arrives.  He said yes, and I waited for some paperwork to fill in, he just said,  it’s ok I’ll put a sticker on it when it arrives.  I know he held my drivers license  while  he was out looking for the package, but I do really hope that he doesn’t forget.

The road walk out of town was uneventful, hard tarmac that was aggravating the weak joints in my left foot.  It only causes problems when walking on hard surfaces and carrying to much weight in my bag.  And today I had both, 7 days worth of food and a three hour walk to get  the trail head.

It was mainly walking uphill today. We finally found  a place to camp and I made sure that I positioned my tent so I’ll get the morning rays hitting my tent to take the chill out of the air.  While climbing, we passed much snow and for a couple of hours we were walking on just snow.

My second pair of socks have holes in them now.