26th April  wed
Camped at 38miles next to cow waterhole. (21 miles 33.8km today)

Terrible night in the tent, winds were strong and gusts pushing the tent about. Admittedly I didn’t position the tent in the right direction  to avoid to direct force but it was still a challenging night with little sleep. As it turned out, I lost two  bags I use for the tent and pegs due to the strong winds.

Just before 7pm last night I was in bed sleeping but that didn’t last long as the winds started and my poor tent was getting thrown side to side.
It came to a point that the wind gusts got so strong that it broke my main support pole  bringing half the tent down on me in the dead of night.  There was nothing I could do except wait until morning and listen to the sounds of the winds like a steam train. Then it hits the tent with full force while I’m thinking it could be the one to finish off my tent

The trail was very rocky, walking at a comfortable pace we made good time to the next water catchment with a watchful eye out for snakes along the way.
By afternoon the  surrounding  changed from rocky undulating ground to sand tracks, cactus with flowers of many different  colours and a slight breeze  to lessen the high temperature.

Water is a major problem and all we have is what’s been put out here by the people that dropped us off, part of their service.  So each time we refilled, we were carry at least 5 kg of water which makes tiring walking.

Camped at a farmer’s cow watering hole where we were able to switch on the ground bore to get fresh water.  Still a dusty night but at least the wind had died down.