10th May  Wednesday
26 miles

The ground was rocky and hard last night, I couldn’t remove all the rocks from my camp spot so I put my ground sheet and tent on the best spot available and hoped the air mattress would hide the rocks.  Well it didn’t, the rocks I did remove, left behind a hole that I felt during the night.

Snow during the day, not to heavy  but it was enough  for you to feel the cold, however this was definitely offset with the constant hill climbs.


By afternoon  the snow went away as we dropped elevation and we just had to deal with cold wind gusts and then the heat when the sun decided to appear.

Philip  passed  us early this morning while we were packing our tents away, we meet him three days back and was surprised  that he caught up with us.  It is his first walk-through trail and he plans to go the whole way to Canada.

Check out Philips setup, usually for the sun protection but now it’s raining

We got lucky with water today and late in the afternoon we filled up our bottle from a well.  Philip  pushed down the plunger with his walking stick while the windmill pumped out clean water.  This time we didn’t need to filter or use a pill and it tasted great.

Collecting water from the grown well

We carried on until 8pm when we finally we found a protected spot for our tents while Phil carried on.  It was raining and I dug deep into my backpack for my tent and quickly set it up, forgetting to close and put the gear back in the bag, and of course it got wet.

Tomorrow we head into Pie Town to pick up our next supply that we posted there some time ago.  Apparently  Pie  Town  sells, Pies. So I’m looking forward to what’s on offer hopefully it’s something like strawberry and Rhubarb  Pie.