8th May Monday

Wild animals

Last night was really cold, but the strange thing is that my thermal top and long johns  were damp from sweat but come one o’clock in the morning it was really cold.  During about that time there was a lot of animal  noise.  Sounded to me a pack of dogs but small dogs yapping and calling to each other.  I was a bit worried being in my little tent next to the watering hole where obviously attracts animal, Ken said later in the morning that it was birds but later remembered  a sign saying about the reintroduction of wild, we think that were called Indian wolf.

We camped next to the pond below

Getting up out of my sleeping was a challenge due to the cold, but having the gas burner boiling hot water for a coffee quickly warmed things up, my shoes I left  outside overnight were like frozen  stiff along with the socks.  I’m sure if it was any colder there would have been frost on the ground.

Trail marker

Easy going today for a change, where we followed a gravel road in Cox Canyon  and by lunch time we had already done 13 miles compared  to yesterdays 8 miles.  Dragged out the sleeping bag to dry and within 15 minutes we has a burst of rain. Had to happen in our lunch time break!

Walking along Cox Canyon 

Tried my hands at lighting a fire, and tonight I had success, compared to last night, so I saved some gas and had a hot meal.  Hopefully the gas canister will last two more days  It’s been 4 days so far so I’m happy.

Collecting  water for tonight, good clean ground water