26th August  Saturday
30 miles

Our next camp site was 30miles away, so it’s a 5am start this morning.  Total darkness with stars above and only our headlamps to show the way. Passing a couple of lakes that we couldn’t see but could feel the coldness, the scary thing was that we could hear animals walking in the water, I don’t mean small animal either.  Probably moose going by the sounds of them but I told Czech Mix to keep moving while we made noise along the way.

Getting into the tourist area of the trail where by our second breakfast time, after walking over four hours, we were sharing the path with the chunky butts that were puffed up red in the face from walking a couple of hundred metres from their car.

We stopped at midday for a small lunch break over looking a waterfall, a chipmunk came real close and seemed friendly, a couple of M&M’s from Czech Mix food bag and it was demanding more, Czech Mix feed it from his hand but then it bit a finger, then it was war.

The chipmunk was really pushing its luck and entered  into a peanut trail mix bag  which was a zip-bag.

Bad move chipmunk as Czech Mix grabbed the bag and zipped it closed. Chipmunk not happy as it went round and round in the zip-bag trying to find a way out. We watched as it soon realised it was trapped and just laid there looking out from inside the bag at us.  It tried to attack when Czech Mix picked up the bag.  Eventually the bag was opened and the little chipmunk was out of the bag so quick and hid under a nearby rock, then poked it’s head out to watch us and even tempting it with more M&M’s it stayed well clear of us.

Tourist bus for the park

We passed through a car park along the way and Czech Mix managed to get himself a beer from a passing tourist,  I declined as I knew I had a two hour mountain climb over  Piegan Pass.

The climb wasn’t so bad after all, passing many on the trail with our backpacks and they have nothing, I guess we are just conditioned.

Great views at Piegan Pass, well worth it and probably better than the Chinese wall.

Got into Glacier Park in good time and the camp site was much better than Two Medican which was also filled with tourists. Setup the tent in no time and didn’t even bother to put the food bag into the bearbox, we are in the centre of the campsite and I’ve only got dehydrated food, so I really don’t expect a bear bypassing all the other campsite that have great smelling BBQ food to get into my Couscous and rice.

Hot meal of chicken hamburger was a treat with only 35miles to go to reach the Canada border.  Not tomorrow but the day after.

Started 5am and finished at 7pm