25th August  Friday
25 miles

Started early at 5:30am, dark for the first half hour where headlamps came in use.  It was a great morning walk with a lot of climbing with views of many lakes below.

Mountains,  their colours and waterfalls made today’s hike all the more better. I’m feeling good and full of energy with the knowledge that it’s all over in another four days of so.

Fortunately the weather is still kind to us with nothing but blue sky’s, but just a little chilly when walking over the pass.

Made it to the assigned campsite where others were having dinner at yet another designated spot where food bags are to be hung and food consumed.

Alex and Erin were there having dinner and doing a four day hike, today they only did 1 mile as they had to move location as everywhere else was booked out where you could only camp at designated spots. Going through this park, no free camping allowed.

Czech Mix crossing a very wobble bridge