24th August  Thursday

Lazy start for the day in my bunk bed at Brownies cafe, the hostel is upstairs at the back of the cafe/bakery,   The ceiling is low and the walls and floor was made of wood but carpeted, however there were signs at the start of the hallway saying ‘walk quietly and not like a lumberjack worker’.

Last night I was on my phone for until almost 1 in the morning with YouTube, but still I was up at 6 o’clock where I treated myself a shower for two days in  row.

Didn’t return to the buffet breakfast this morning but instead made the 10 minute walk into town to the, what appears  to be the most popular hangout for the locals who want breakfast, lunch and dinner.  As the national park is associated  with the Indian reservation, there were many Indian family groups taking breakfast tables and  often heard referring to friends that they know as first cousins ,brothers or generally describing how one is related to them.

East Glacier Park, Montana. My last rest stop and resupply of dehydrated food
Got my train ticket for the 1st September to Seattle which is in the late afternoon, then tried to book a hostel room and  soon found out that everything was booked out. Lucky for me I’d already booked from the fifth onward, and all they could  offer was the 4th.

So I’m missing two days, bugger.

Maybe someone will cancel and I can get a booking otherwise I could just as well stay in East Glacier Park, where I stayed last night.

Walking from East Glacier Park to Two Medican camp ground was easy, except Czech Mix  had consumed 6 beers and an extra large pizza, I really don’t  know how he does it.