17th August  Thursday
13 miles

With zero day finished, it’s time to hit the road but not before a hot breakfast and a relaxing coffee at Lambkin’s Restaurant.  It opened at 7:30 and I repeated the order i had yesterday, hotcake and an omelette  washed down with coffee.  Czech Mix came over and joined  me, he likes his beer, drinking plenty yesterday and started early this morning as the restaurant  sells alcohol as early as 8am.

What turn out to be a planed start at 9am to hitch hike back out to the Rogers Pass and get back on the trail, ended up to be 12:30 with seven topups of coffees and a lunch before leaving.

On Facebook, a local advertised that he helps out the CDT hikers by dropping them off , lucky for me that he just updated this 10 minutes ago.  So after phoning him, Gary came by after we had lunch and drove the 20 minutes back out to the trail head.   Much appreciated it was and we found out that he’s also responsible for setting up the water drops so hikers have fresh water along these dry sections.

Finally started back on the trail at 1pm with the knowledge that it’s going to be a good days worth of walking of uphill, but from there  it’s generally easy going.

Passed a round hut that was locked, but looking through the windows it looked like a observation Look out point with great views down the valley.

Stopped at a natural spring to fill up water bottles, I filtered my water this time as there was a few dead flies floating.  Czech Mix finished off his last can of beer he was carrying while I drank water, well I think it was his last can of beer, I’ll find out tomorrow for sure.

We passed green mountain, red mountain and then also passed the turnoff along the trail. It was my fault as i was walking ahead and once realised, we had to walk back half a mile which I was not happy about.

We made it very close to the highest point and at eight o’clock in the evening, a place to put our tents was presented to us. Fantastic  views of 360 degrees of the surrounding mountains with the sun starting to set behind the distant mountain tops. It’s cold and while I’m typing this on my phone, my fingers feel like they are frozen,so on that note, good night