15th August  tuesday
27 miles

Heart starter this morning with a good half hour hill climb, thankfully the mountains are becoming more manageable as I head north, hopefully no more silly sections like the four challenging passes I had not long ago in one day.

Later this morning I had a segment that involved a significant climb but somehow as i was walking along the 4WD trail, I missed the turnoff onto the trail.  Day dreaming while listening to my podcast  and it wasn’t until a mile down the track that I noticed that I’d hadn’t seen any markers for a while, sure enough when I checked my map I realised this.  But the good thing was, the road carried on and eventually connected up at a car park for a trail head in which I’m meant to pass through anyway.

The end result was that I walked around the mountain instead of up and over it, At last this problem worked in my favour.

At Stemple Pass carpark, there was decent  toilets and somewhere to dump my rubbish  which is very rare, normally  they have a ‘carry in and carry out’ policy.  There was even picnic tables where I had my lunch of peanut butter, honey a little Olive oil  and cheese all in a tortilla wrap

Sauerdough turned up and I walked with him for a couple of hours

Just as I was about to leave, another through-hiker came along going the same direction. So I relaxed a little more and talked with Sauerdough, his trail name. He’s another person that is doing segments of the trail and maybe this year he will complete the triple crown.

Flesher Pass water cache and plenty of water, thank you trail angel. This is where I turned off and headed into Lincoln to resupply for my next segment of 8 days heading towards East Glacier Park. Looking forward for a hot meal, shower and a place to wash my clothes.  Maybe I’ll have a zero day here as it’s going to be a long week of walking 194 miles (312km)

Thank you trail angels

After walking for almost 2 hours with many cars passing me by while I had my thumb out, I finally  got a lift for the next 15 miles and he was kind enough to drop me right outside a restaurant. That night i camped at the local Park where it was allowed to setup tent, i think the fee was 5 dollars but as i turned up at 9 o’clock, payment wasn’t made.  Problem was, there’s  no shower blocks so tomorrow morning I’ll pack up again and walk the 2 miles to the other side of town and book into the camp ground where I’ve heard  has showers and WiFi.

But at the moment, I’m in my tent unable to sleep probable due to the many coffees I had at the restaurant  and the constant noise of tracks and other vehicle passing by on the main road. And I’m ment to pay for this, and get what in return??