5th May Friday
17mile (27km) tent
Gila River trial. No 724

Murtox hole was our first rest stop to have our second breakfast.  I didn’t  have my hot green tea this morning, as last night  I realised that having 9-10 more days to travel, it’s time to conserve the  gas  for the evening meal and  more importantly,  a cappuccino.

Many river crossings and some over my knees, unlike the crossings in New Zealand, these were easy  and water being warm.

We passed a few day hikers and admired the heavy  loads on their backs, one in particular had a basic backpack and attached to the back what looked like an over growth wart that was about the size of his backpack itself.  I can only assume it was his sleeping bag, maybe it was a sleeping that requires no tent so you just sleep under the stars.

Doc Campbell’s Post,
Basically, it’s  a remote outpost where we had posted a food box to.  In the food box was 6 days worth of food and while I was packing the new supply into my backpack I realised I had far to much food. Probably about four days too much and with each days food weighing just under a kg (2 pounds each day). That’s a lot of extra weight I now have to carry.

Trading post where we picked up our dropbox
Passed by Gila Visitors Centre which was closed, missed it by 15 minutes.

We stopped early and once again we are camped next to the river with nice flat ground and a log  to sit on while cooking and eating.

Road walking for  couple of miles 

Start of Bear Canyon  with many river crossings