10th August  Thursday

Nothing open at 6am as I walked through town, it took me another half an hour to get to the edge of town where I knew there was a McDonald’s, I ordered their standard coffee but it was so terrible that I went back and paid the extra  and got myself a mocha.
Topped up my phone from a nearby PowerPoint while calling Eunhwa  in Thailand, which in their time is evening.

Three days is my next point of resupply in Helena , so that’s an easy walk with a light backpack. I’v mapped out what I need to do to complete  the trail, basically  it’s four more segments, 3 days, 3 days, 7 days and the 5 days to finish . So that’s about 31 days with three town days thrown in.

There’s a long road ahead of me and it’s all on the highway, so being a person of not being keen of highway walking for obvious reasons, I managed to hitch a ride to the trail head by an old army vet. He offered to take me to Helena, which is my next resupply town in three days time, it wasn’t  even tempting as cutting out the highway walking was enough for me.

Nice and easy for most of the afternoon 

Yesterday in town it rained, I got caught out while walking back from the shops but today, hot and dry