4th August  Friday
29 miles

It only took an hour to get up to Rainbow Pass climbing 1,500 feet and at just after 6 o’clock, there was a thick haze of smoke all about and the sun still hasn’t risen over the surrounding mountains.

I did a long walk this morning before my normal second breakfast, almost five hours after setting off this morning I’m sitting on a log next to a well used fire pit over looking Warren Lake.  My reward for pushing myself this morning, the second MRE  meal pack I received from the firefighters  a number of days back.

It was even better than the chicken MRE  meal pack I had a few days back, while I activated  the heat pack for my main meal and hot drink and waited for that to heat up, I started with the Chocolate Banana nut muffin then moved onto the Turkey Nuggets that were smoked and dried and very chewy.  By that time the water was warmed up enough so I poured the Mocha Cappuccino into my cleaned  peanut butter plastic container and enjoyed drinking that while overlooking the lake. The main meal came next with the heat pack still working, I pulled the Beef and black bean with sauce out of its container and ripped it open and was really pleasantly  surprised that it had real chunky beef and tasted really nice. Then if that wasn’t  enough, I had dessert, Apple pieces in spiced sauce.

Julia and Phil,

Meet up with the couple , Julia and Phil, that gave me bread the other day, they are late starters in the morning but I was shocked to see how fast they hike up hill