3ed August  Thursday
24 miles,

So far I’ve walked 2,467miles (3,970km)

I just didn’t want to get going this morning, I felt damp and cold but yet the tent wasn’t wet.  Once I unziped my sleeping bag, I was packed up, and ready to go within 20 minutes and that’s including having breakfast.

Mary, happy 76th birthday

In my first hour this morning I came across an old lady, as Mary refers to herself, she was camped next to the trail and when I approached Mary, she was in the final stages of packing up her tent.

76 years old today she told me and once she has done this segment of the trail, she will have her triple crown, ie completing the three major through-hike in America. Mary’s  trail name is Medicare Pastor,  Medicare because you only get Medicare coverage when you get to a certain age and Pastor being her profession in the church.  At 76 years old she is doing a great job on the trail doing 15 miles per day which means that’s a lot of food she needs to carry between resupply points, 9 days of food Mary is carrying at the moment and on sections of low water, that’s extra weight that’s  needed to be carried.

More South bound hikers  on the trail today and was told that there isn’t anymore coming, I don’t  know how they know that.

There was a small group of day hikers that are doing a 4 day circuit along with their dog, I was amazed at the size of there backpacks, must be the gourmet food they are bringing along with them.

Finally camped at the ideal spot that has been recommended on my map, Johnson Lake.  Stopped and setup camp all before 6:30, pushing on today would involve a one hour climb and I just didn’t feel like it.  A tomorrow  job.

Thai Stick