2ed August  Wednesday
26 miles

5 o’cock start this morning, a little chilly which reminds me of what  one of the firefighters had said yesterday, “it’s going to get cold as you head north” Not something I really wanted to hear.

Always nice first thing in the morning

Last night the young couple that stopped and talked, gave me an update about more forest fires ahead, the trail is still open they said and as i walked I passed through areas  of thick smoke and sighted two helicopter  with their buckets. The good news is that it seems that the fire is far from me.

Bumped into David, he was heading the opposite direction and going for his “triple crown” another words, this trail of through hike is his third, being the CDT the most difficult.

He’s 73 years old and using maps and notes to navigate his way along the trail.  The segment he’s doing, he’s having to carry food for 9 days only reason being is that he can only do 15 miles per day.

That’s a lot of food as I should know and his backpack must weigh a ton. He had done the other segments  over the previous years and this year he will complete the trail. Good on him it’s good to see people still active at that age, I hope I’ll be still out there at that age.