First day on the CDT,
25th April  first day  CDT 1
Tented at 17 miles (27km)

Left Lordsburg just after 6:30 this morning for our three hour car trip to the border of Mexico, Crazy Cook.

First hour was easy going on sealed roads but the next two hours was rough going along unsealed roads and disused farm tracks.  We passed three border patrol vehicles parked up obviously  keeping an eye out for any Mexicans  crossing illegally.

Finally arrived and after doing  the usual photo parade in front of the CDT monument  we started the trail at 9:30 leaving behind the Mexican border with only a wire farm fence between the two nation’s.

All up there was seven of us that started today and on the first couple of hours we were fighting  our way through  the strong winds and  gusts  that were pushing us off balance.

Thankfully it wasn’t as hot as it should be due to a storm building up further up north.  Along the trail I suddenly  was surprised by movement just to the side of the track and thinking of rattle snakes. I quickly jumped back only to find  out that it was a jack rabbit that just stood there and looked at me.

Finally we arrived at the water catchment  where we replenished our water bottles  out of containers that were left there by the people that took us to the border.

We rested for 20 minutes and then Ken and I were the first to start moving with the plan to walk until 5pm.

It took some time to find a place to camp as there were only rocks and uneven ground everywhere, and it still wasn’t an ideal place as sand was blown everywhere and a thin layer sand was everywhere inside the tent.

Being the first day, we both were very tired with sore muscles  all over.  I mean really sore and I know for a fact that tomorrow  is equally going to be a hard day with the plan to do 20 or so miles.