Huangshi Stockeded Village,Zhangjiajie national park.

Up again early this morning, it was a short van trip to another long gondola ride to take us to the top of Huangshi Stockeded Village. The walk around was 3.2km which they say should take 90 minutes. However, after we sore the first two view platform’s, we turned around and head back to the gondola to head back down.

I was kind of expecting a longer stay but what i did see while there was amazing. Straight from the scene from the movie Aviator . Thankfully we were one of the first groups up there so the place was our own along with the few monkeys .

Back to the hotel to only change vehicles and off we went to our next site visit, a detour to another selling opportunity.

This time it was jewellery , thankfully I didn’t speck Korean and no one could speck English good enough.

They were defiantly hard sellers, showing the rare earth stones set in to the bracelets and necklaces. I escaped for a while until one of the workers tracked me down and with his broken English tried to fit a bracelet to my wrist which I politely repeatedly declined. I counted about 12-15 selling rooms Or shall I say killing dens, The selling rooms were like mini theater rooms with comfortable chairs and a presentation table and posters along the wall.


Many on our tour group were getting restless with the high pressure sales tactics they were using and I for one was getting tired of getting told to sit and if I was alone and not on this tour, I would have left long ago.
Thankfully Mr Kwon my Brother inlaw had the same idea and we quietly made our way to the elevator and got ourselves a coffee while waiting for the others to finish. As it turned out, no one brought anything and they all made comments about the super sales pressure as also glade to get out.

Korean food again for lunch and I’m guessing it’s going to be the same this evening for tea

The Bailong Elevator to The Top – Zhangjiajie National Park, China

The glass elevator on the side of the mountain was a treat, the group before us was getting on where we watch them get squeezed in where the last to enter wouldn’t have been able to see anything.

Thankfully when it was to be our turn, we only half filled the elevator.

Avatar floating maintains. The film location for the movie Avatar

Finally at the hotel we had Chinese food, man it was nice while I washed it down with Chinese beer. After the meal we headed next door for the evening show, it was really good especially the opening with drums and some fantastic dancing and acrobatic.

Night show with about 8 short stories

The show finished and the lights came on and out we went into the cold night air, Just as we were leaving, the show continued outside with some martial artist and performers doing feats that you would think was impossible, fire breathing and walking and one of the martial artist putting incredible weights on his body as he layed on the floor. Three weights that took four people to carry each of them and if that wasn’t enough, 6 people stood on top.