Early start this morning when the hotel wakeup call rang at 5:30
Breakfast was a full buffet with western, Chinese and Korean food. But my brother-in-law said the kimchi was horrible.

I must have got a head cold while travelling yesterday, felling horrible and it’s the first time having a cold what must have been a couple of years. I used to get then frequently while working on the mines, maybe because I was exposed to many people from all parts of the world or maybe doing the long hours and roster.

Weather warmer here at 9 degrees compaired to korea where its currently about zero.

First up was a visit to the Zhangjiajie caves which was well presented, I liked the waterwheels before entering the cave and the cave itself went on what seemed to be miles. Great finish to the tour with a silent boat trip passing along some great formations of stalagmites

Next was Baofeng Lake cruise with a couple of Chinese singers along the way.

Lunch and of course it was Korean food, it was, … ok I guess.

Part of the tour was a visit to a shop that obviously designed to extract money from tourists on package tours. We were lead into a room and then the Korean sales man went on to talk about the benefit in korean, of the Bamboo special products did, from underwater, cloths to mops. I guess its a way the tour company makes a little money from commissions. But bad luck for the shop, I didn’t buy anything.

Tianmen mountain world heritage site.  29.115513,110.475295

Highlight of the day was the visit to Tianmen mountain, took a 30minute ride in the cable car that covered 1.3kms. Fortunihly it was low season so getting around was generally easy.

Fantastic views while walking around the mountain on the walkway, walking on the  glass walkway was a thill

That took most of the afternoon, would have been good to arrive early in the morning and explore a few of the alternative trails.

So far on the package tour, I haven’t used any of my own money. I know that will end soon but i think there is a massage comming up, maybe tomorrow. For what i understand, we need to choose what other tours we want to do but im not sure if thats tomorrow or the day after that. As i don’t speck korean, im left in the dark while the team guild goes into great detail about the up coming events while talking in front on the bus. But I knew that was going to happen so its no real surprise.

Dinner again this even and it was Korean food.