16th August  Wednesday

Breakfast at Lambkin’s Restaurant  after I made my way to the RV park, cost was only 8 dollars to camp which was discounted for hikers and cyclists.  Long hot shower with a face cloth and a clean towel makes a pleasant change instead of using my clean t-shirt to dry myself then having to promptly wear it.  That’s ok when the weather is warm but now  the mornings are colder.

Set up my tent by 7:30 in the morning so I could stow my gear away and head to Lambkin’s Restaurant for a big breakfast and coffee.

I know the theme for today is basically do nothing except eat, drink  and head over to the post office to collect my food package.

Some freebies I get while at either Starbucks or a restaurant, very handy

Breakfast was, not the best I’ve ever had but it was okay, vegetarian omelette, Buttermilk Hotcake with strawberry topping and cream.  Many cups of coffee where the lady just keeps coming by to refill the mug. I must have been there for five plus hours as after breakfast then came lunch.

Most of my time was to sort out what I’m buying before I leave America, have already done a shopping list on Amazon  and all I need to do now is push the purchase button and it will be sent  to East Glacier Park Post office waiting for my arrival once I’ve completed the trail.

Bush fires a big problem around here, a sign I saw in the Post office 

Thanking the firefighters, a common message in this town

Did some basic shopping at the general store for fruit and chocolates the headed over to the Post Office, two packages, one was the food and the other I didn’t need as yet so I’ll forward it on (free).  Still had no need for the gas cooker and other items like my kindle, bracelet I purchased in New Mexico and other weighted items that I was silly to even think of bringing along with me.

What a nice day, relaxing beside the stream in the RV park doing my final calculation of food required and again I think I have to much, never mind I’ll just have to stop and eat more frequently.

Went to the Wheel Inn for dinner and had a great hamburger, had a beer with it and then found out that my second beer was free, 2 dollars for two beers. Man I’m so full from the hamburger so I waddled  like a duck back to my home for the night

Lambkins  restaurant just relaxing