Wat Phra Bat Putthawat

Wat Phra Bat Putthawat

Heard about this temple  that is about 2 hours ride out of Chiang Mai that provides fantastic views, And with the 6 week Intense Thai Course over with, it was time to get on the bike and do a day tour. I’m keen to do 1,000 km before starting our tour of Cambodia and Laos so that I can get the bike serviced, 6 weeks back I got a few modifications done such as new suspension which I’m very happy about, and an upgrade of the engine to 285cc.

Pangrom Cafe (ร้านกาแฟปางร่ม)

Photo taken from my drone along the way

First stop  Pangrom Cafe

Heading out of town at 10 in the morning, after doing our daily exercise at Crossfit,   Along the 118 main road and turning right passing Doi Saket Hot Spring with our first stop being for coffee at Pangrom Cafe (ร้านกาแฟปางร่ม) Great place for lunch along side the river with no other coustomers except us, coffee was a little expensive but I guess you get that being on the tourist main road.

Windy Roads

Road to the temple was windy passing through many farmlands; we stopped to take some drone footage and a local farmer came up and spoke some Thai to us, Problem was that my 6 weeks Thai course was overwhelming and I’d forgotten most of the words. Eunhwa was getting a little sick on the back of the bike with all the windy and climbing that we had to do. Thankfully we made it to the temple where there was a great Restaurant at local prices, in not to much  longer time.

Return trip was about 180km

Local Price, how lucky

Entrance fee was 90 baht as it was a national park and we had to use their pick up truck to reach the top, Normally it would have cost us 200 baht but after showing our Thai driving licence, we paid what the locals pay. Then the last part, where you walk up yourself which was a bit of an adventure and hard work passing a few monks coming down and many Bamboos where locals had carved their names on the “trunk”.  Views were stunning and the nature was beautiful at the top,  But I didn’t really find a temple, more like a number of viewing platforms where you could pray with a vew.

entrance fee 90 baht

carving your name on the trunk