13 nov: Te Araroa 43
Bog Inn hut 985km to Waihaha hut

1000km we made it.

1,000km we made it, we are one third of the way through our trip. Hard to beleave that we have been on the trail for 43 days so far and living in the tent most  of the way.

Couldn’t really celebrate anywhere but for the second night in a row, we sleeped in a hut for the night. Is great to have soft mattress and a fire to keep us warm for the night.

Waihaha hut

 This hut was much larger that Bog Inn hut was it has 12 bunks, kitchen and two large tables.

inside of Hauhungaroa Hut where we stopped for lunch 

Sally the Japanese kiwi that stayed the night in the previous hut where we were, she turned up late in the evening like 10:30. Must have been hard for her as it would have been pitch black with mud and water everywhere using her headlamp only. I didn’t even realise we had a late arrival where she sleeped on the floor.

This time she turned up at 8:30 in the evening as after leaving Bog Inn hut she relised that she had left behind a ring and as it was of sentimental value, she returned and walk back the 2 hours.