Te Araroa 115
24th January, Tuesday 

Lazy day with a lazy start, sleeped  in until 7 o’clock.

After  a coffee it was time I visited the 4 square  to do my shopping to last me for the next 8 days on trail. cost about 120 dollars  with not to much in the way of luxury  food like chocolates. (15 dollars per day on trail)

Yesterday we had already decided to have lunch at the skyline restaurant which requires a gondola ride up the hill. 

The food was amazing , I ate so much and targeted the meats and fresh vegetables.

I would definitely  return to the skyline restaurant should I return to QQueenstown. 

View overlooking Queenstown

Yesterday before  deciding to have a buffet  at the Skyline restaurant , I had already purchased a ticket for an Indian buffet for 6:30 tonight. Two buffet  in one day. I feel like a pig. but I don’t mind as starting tomorrow, I’ll be eating just dehydrated food and doing 30 kms walking per day.

Another large meal for the day at Boliwood Indian restaurant, I had thought it was going to be another buffet  but instead it was a set menu, but it’s the best Indian meal I’ve had for sale long time. basically  it was a two course mean but I walked out full and happy.

Cost of the skyline restaurant  which includes  the gondola ride up the hill was 60 dollars. tonight’s Indian buffet is 19 dollars.