Todays I arrived into LA , travelling from Thailand which took a couple of days with stop overs in Bangkok, Singapore and incheon.

Arriving into the airport about an hour ahead of schedule probable due to a tail wind. I was third in line with immigration but then my luck run out

There I was, had the stamp in my passport and the custom  officer was about to give me the passport back and then asked to see my exit airline  ticket.

I didn’t have it I said as I didn’t know my exact departure date at the end of my journey. 

He then sent me to the immigration  office in the back saying that I must have an exit ticket out of America.  After 45 minutes i was finally given a 6 months stay where all I had to do was explan what i was planning to do and show how i was going to fund my CDT walk.  Ticket wasn’t  required after all.

Coffee at Starbucks then I watched Ken have breakfast in Danny’s. 

Come opening time at REI  camping store, I went shopping for new lighter and better quality  camping equipment which ended up costing me 1300 USD in total.  

Ken and myself then headed out of L.A for 7 hours untill we were tired and decided to stop at Willow Inn & Suites  in Blythe which cost us 48 dollars for two  beds.

MEXICAN FOOD for dinner.