My First Dirt Bike Experience, Chiang Mai 

Been wanting to do this for years but hadn’t had the time or just bad timing until I found on Honda Facebook advertising a 50% discount on any of their training programs. From 2,000 baht too 1,000 baht  training on CRF250L bikes For two days only they offered the discount at Maya Shopping centre where not only I signed up for Basic Dirt bike and advance which was a day each (6 hours per day) I also signed up Mikayla, my niece, and my wife for two programs: pre-riding and Pre-clutch where each program goes for two days (total 12 hours) normal price for each of these is 2,000 baht.


Was told to arrive at 8:30 with a 9 o clock start, I arrived a little late along with others but my first impressions of the facility was very positive.  Changing rooms were first class with showers providing you brought your own towel and soap. We geared up with dirt riding gear which included boots, knee pads, paints, chest protection, elbow pads and of course a full face helmet.

For the real beginners
All safety gear provided
We selected out bikes, the smaller people went for the small bikes and I naturally went for the crf250 which is what I own already. First up was instruction of how to fasten your Helmet then straight into the warm-up laps of corning around the tarmac course following the cones. We were told how to position ourselves on the bikes, elbows out while riding and shifting body weight with backside over to the opersite side while putting your foot out as you ride around the bend. Difficult as first but after about an hour’s practice and corrections by our Thai instructor, which as it turned out to be the Thai championship of dirt-bike, i was betting more comfortable. So far I spotted two rides come off their bikes rounding a sharp bend, I’m sure I’ll soon do the same soon.
Getting Safety instructions before starting.
Cornering and getting relaxed with the bike
Just before lunch, and after our water break as things were heating up, we were taught how to ride up and then down a dirt-hill, sounds easy but getting the timing of leaning forward while going up then back going down and timing the acceleration was a little difficult. There were a few times where the landing was harder than exspected and I veered off the trail.
Around the track we practiced
After a few rounds, I finally got air under the tires and felt comfortable with landing back down

I would fully recommend this Honda training center:

Points worth knowing:

  • Thank fully it was a cool day but I don’t think I’d like to do it the hottest part of summer.
  • Water is available in the servicing room, coffee shop is upstairs but on the day it was closed so I had to do with the canteen downstairs on the ground level for basic food. There was nothing cooked so I had cross the busy road for that.
  • All safety gear is provided
  • For all the courses, you need to start at the basics and progress for there, so if I wanted to do the Advance Dirt and not the Basic because you have already got experiance, This wouldn’t be posable. I guess they want to make sure that they get rid of all those bad habits you may bring along to the course.
  • At the end of the course, I was given a certificate of completation, nothing fancy but it was something.
  • Don’t forget to bring a towel for the shower after.
Just ask and you can tryout any of their Honda bikes, I tried out the Africa twin 1000 and loved it
Group photo at the end of the day
Upstairs is a nice cool coffee shop