5th July Wednesday
Start 1737
28 miles

Wearing my knee height gaiters today to avoid  the problems with the ticks, I’ve heard that if one that has the Lyme disease bites,  then it’s a course of antibiotics. This I’ve heard on the CDT Facebook page where a hiker ahead of me had to stop and rest for 5 days to recover.

Come three o’clock I finally found some shade with water to rest for a while, sitting under a bridge to have a rest bit from the relentless sun, I enjoyed the company of birds that played games within the shadows of the bridge where I had dozed off for a short nap.

My first shade for three days

Just before reaching the main highway, that will lead me into Lander, Edwin in his pickup truck stopped and i was lucky enough to get a lift right into town.

I ended up staying two nights in Lander at Edwin and Jennifer place, they were really nice people that looked after me and took me to places where to do the best shopping.  I had to do 23 days worth of where I posted three packages to towns further along the trail where resupply would be difficult.