1st May Monday
25miles today. 40km

Woke up early and did about 30 minutes  of study while laying in my sleeping bag, Thai language  is a bit harder  than I thought, but I’ll  keep going.

Camp site last night

Ken started to head the way we came last night and when I tried to tell him otherwise, he was most confident that I was wrong.  A coffee at McDonald’s was on the line to say who was right or wrong .

Leaving behind Mt  Burro we passed through  pine forests that was pleasant enough and  stark difference to the desert grounds we covered the previous  days. We crossed over many hills and most were in the shade and the going was generally easy.
By the way, I’m looking forward to that coffee once we get into Silver City that Ken now owes me.

Just before lunch we came across a little  landmine, well I should really say it was a monster  of a landmine.  It was what bears should have done in the woods but this one was right in the middle of the path. Very colourful  due to the berries and thankfully vegetarian

Easy walking along the trail

Turned out to be a long day, we found clean water and for the next hour we walked down Rock Canyon on gravel which was really slow and tiring.  Some cattle and a bull followed us and hung about where we camped for the night just to keep us company.

Water collection  point along the way

Camping among the cattle

A poster on a tree where we camped for the night. Must have a lot of history  here

Tomorrow is town day so I’m looking forward for some decent food.