28th June Wednesday
Buffalo pass.
24 miles

Just after five this morning I was back on the trail after resting at Summit lake campsite for two nights.  Cost nothing and if I didn’t have the tummy bug, I would have kept going.

It feels I have recovered but first thing was that snow  again, honesty, I thought I had left that behind a couple of days back, but no I’m pushing my way through it along the Wyoming Trail.

The trail ahead

Finally made it to Lost Ranger Peak, 13 miles from where I camped this morning,  this is the high point of the day, also the highest point along the trail today and my goal was to get there by mid day, an hour late only because I had stopped and rested many times.

This is why I lose the trail, where’s the sign?

My legs felt like jelly at times and my back hurt a little, I’m thinking it’s because I lay in my tent all day yesterday recovering from a bad belly.

On top of this mountain I can see towards the Wyoming  border which I should reach tomorrow, the significant  difference I can see, compared to Colorado is less mountains and very little snow.  Found  a spot that I was sheltered  from the wind and my appetite had returned where I had two tortilla with peanut butter and broken Tortilla chips , hand full of trail mix and ice Coffee. Feels good that my stomach  is back to normal.

Looking forward north toward Wyoming 

Present afternoon with it all was down hill listening to music along the way.

Interesting crossings

I really wanted to do 25 miles today but 1 mile short I spotted a nice flat campsite, only problem was that there was a camper van already there.  I saw movement and after a few minutes considering my options, getting close to seven o’clock, grey clouds  building about the valley  and from what I could see ahead the trees were a mixture of dead and green. Dead trees are not a good place to camp near.

I approached and asked if I could share the camp site  with them.  Naturally they said no problems, and then to save me a walk down to the river they filled up my water bottles.

Greg & Myrna offered me dinner and I happily  accepted along with lemongrass tea which was a real treat. It was nice to have fresh tomato’s and lettuce as a salad and the second course was pasta with mince then as dessert another hot lemongrass  tea with three chocolate biscuits.   My voice was broken up so the hot drinks helped and it became better after the second hot drink and as we were in the camper van, thunder and lightning with rain coming down and I was thankful I stopped for the night.

I leave my new found friends in the early morning, thank you for looking after me