25nd June Sunday
00 miles

Still woke up early but used the time to call Eunhwa in Thailand.

Easy day with a visit to the shopping centre to shop for 7 days worth of food.  Big breakfast all from the shopping centre, fruit, yogurt  nice bun and coffee to finish it off. Then half an hour later I had more food. I eat enough yet I’m still skinny, I’m sure when this is all over and I arrive into Korea, I’ll fatten up then.

The  town of Steamboat Spring is large, stretches for about 6 miles from one end to another and from the camp ground, Walmart  was on the opposite side of town. Thankfully there was a regular free bus service.

Got back to the camp site at about 3pm and the manager asked if I was going to stay another night.  I’ve already paid for two nights I replied but I was soon corrected and 45 dollars was for only one night.

Not happy that I thought I’d paid for  two but instead one night, I packed up and left but not before I had another shower.  My thinking that there is a forest nearby and I’ll walk out of town for a mile or two and stealth camp and tomorrow morning I return to the post office and post forward the package to about three weeks ahead.

Sure enough, after I had some Mexican food in town, I walked half an hour and found a nice hidden spot to call home for the night.  It wasn’t perfect  as i could hear the traffic pass by from a distance but I saved 45 dollars which I prefer to spend on good food.