CDT 25
19th May Friday

10 miles

I was keen this morning to get going, I’m  not sure if it was the cold or the thought of heading into Cuba town for  hot  breakfast  that woke me before the set alarm of 4:30.

We walked the 9 miles to the edge of town and stopped at the first CAFE . It’s a truckies cafe going by all of the trucks sitting on the walls, first thing after ordering hot coffee was a good wash of the hands in hot water, An omelette and hash brown was what I had for breakfast and it went down a treat.

Cuba cafe

Snow had come down on us this morning while we walked into town and from a distance we could see snow in the direction where we are to head tomorrow.

Got my new sleeping bag from the post office so I shouldn’t  freeze anymore during the night.  But still waiting for my new jacket.

Would you believe it, they charge to pump up the car tires.