CDT 24
18th May Thursday
28 miles (45 kms)

Just past  9am and we come across a Cache  “Trujillo Main Cache”  this is where trail angels help the hikers like myself with water and in the icebox, some goodies.  Just what I needed, there were raisins in army packs,  biscuits and a complete meal that is self warming. The next water supply was in 15 miles and with only one litre of water on me, I would have had to ration it to last me that distance, I wasn’t really concerned as the day’s haven’t been hot and we started early to get as much of the walking done in the cool part of the day.
In the note book I thanked them and told them a brief story of my coming from New Zealand after finishing walking the length of that country and that I live in Thailand and soon marring a Korean.
Just as I was putting on my backpack the lady with two small children  drove up and soon told me that she visits the site every day looking after hikers and as it was really cold, snowing where she lives not far away, she was going to build a fire which would indeed be a welcome sight.

Soon I moved on giving my thinks to her and I  pass through Deadmans Peaks which I must assume  has a story in the name.

We are making good time as by 11am we have already done 11 miles.  My feet were getting sore already and I have concerns that it’s warning signs of more soreness  to come, my shoes have about 600 miles  walking on them and come 1,000 miles I’m sure that they are due for replacement and at that point I’ll change styles to something lighter.

Nav,  as in navigator, was a new hiker we come across today, he started almost three weeks after us at the Mexican  border.  I find it amazing  that he caught us up in such a short time.  Maybe he hadn’t taken any rest breaks, but when I asked him he said he doesn’t  walk fast but walks a lot of hours each day.  I’m sure we will meet him again soon as he is heading to the same town tomorrow  as we are, Cuba.

For much of the day we followed the Canyon Rim going up and over which involved three mayor climbs  where the third one was naturally  being the
hardest that took the last of the energy out of our bodies.   The views along the way were breath taking at times and I stopped many times to admire and take photos.

The weather today is a mix, it rained for an hour last night in the early hours and later in the morning water found it’s way in my tent.  It’s  of my fault as again I made the same error of having the ground sheet sticking out from under the tent and as the rain came down onto the tent, it would flow from the tent onto the ground sheet, the ground sheet would then collect it and guide it under my tent and seep into the tent ground floor.

Been a great day with the landscape forever changing with the folding of the lands making the views constantly  amazing.

I climbed into my sleeping bag after making myself a hot drink at 7:30, wearing everything I had . It’s especially  cold when the sun drops and this time I’m even wearing my gloves and beanie in my next to useless  sleeping bag.  But never mind, if all goes well I should have a new bag waiting for me tomorrow at the post office.