CDT 15
9th May Tuesday
25 miles

Just checking, yep we are on the right trail

Sleet hit us on top of the maintain, which blanked the ground around us.  It came apon  us quickly and fortunately  I had my weather jacket and  pants  at the ready.
It’s been a tough morning where it seems that we were forever climbing and at some parts of the trail, there was no trail.  We crisscrossed to find our way with the assistance of the phone GPS.  Water was getting low and we filled up at a small dam which wasn’t very clean.  We caught up with the Dutch couple that we meet in Lordsburg, at that stage they were four days ahead of us as we were just starting the trail and they had already finished that segment.  Either they are really slow and taking plenty of breaks or we are going very fast.

Trail marker, both modern and old style

I guess we are pushing ourselves, why?, I don’t know.  There seemed to be a good reason at the time, to beat and get ahead of the weather.  It  was a popular reason in New Zealand.  Now it’s to get to Pie Town ASAP.  Again why?  From what we have read there isn’t much there,  I hope at least they sell pies as I’m hanging out for a treat.
Pie Town is where we forwarded a food package for enough supply for another 6 days and of course we are running out of gas for our cookers.

Collecting water today wasn’t  very nice.  Getting our water from where cows drink.  It was a filtered job and to make sure I put a pill in the water.  After filtering the water it’s  almost clear and I cannot tell the difference.

Filling water from an animal trough

Tonight I had a really nice pre-made Korean army type meal (Bibimbab) and it was so nice along with my cappuccino.

Started at 7 am and stopped to camp at 7:30 pm