23ed August  Wednesday
Zero miles

Getting off the trail and hitching into town, really lucky with a lift, on the side of the road at 6:30am and in half an hour a car passed us by and returned to pick us up. Magic thumb.

Found a hostel and booked in for the night, but first a shower and washing stinking clothes that stank from 6 days on the trail. Socks took forever to clean, the dirt just kept coming out.

Now the buffet breakfast, short walk down the road and to be honest, it was not very good and not worth the 16 dollars, bad recommendation  from a follow hiker.

You got to love these Motor homes, and this one’s small

Next job was to organise the permits for the national park, lucky for us we were able to get the camp sites we needed. Two long days of 30 miles and a couple of easy days.

Two Medican Lake, where we are camping tomorrow 

Had to watch another grizzly bear video of 10 minutes, but I think there’s  a high chance of sighting one as the population is at its highest in this area compared to any other area along the trail.