14th August Monday
28 miles

Alarm on my phone woke me this morning, I can no longer rely on the birds waking me first thing in the morning, as it seems that it’s taking longer to get light now days.

Laying in my sleeping bag, the wind was blowing hard going by the sound it makes as it goes through the trees, but lucky for me whether it was good planing or just luck, I felt no effects of the wind at all last night.

Motor home parked in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cows

Slowly  I finally got up using my headlamps to see what I’m doing, I had to use my windbreaker of a jacket for the first couple of hours and as i was just leaving my campsite, visibility was poor with my headlamp promising a wall of white with all the cloud cover around me . However, this soon disappeared as i made my way down the mountain leaving behind the three buildings for telecommunications that I share the ground with.

Some of the views along the way, still smoke in the air

The file for the map wasn’t  up to date as a new path had been made, it took me away from the trail  I had on my phone and I was a little concerned that it could bd in fact a totally different trial.  But thankfully it came around and meet back onto the trail I had on the phone, it was defiantly a smooth and easy going trail but a little longer all up.