12th August  Saturday
18 miles

Real lazy start this morning at 8am knowing that I only had about 18 miles to walk before I reach the highway.

Easy does it, but still a lot of smoke about from the forest fires in Montana 

The plan is a common plan that a lot of through-hikers use, camp just before  getting into town and the following morning hitch a ride into town and spend the day there, some would stay a night but as I’ve had already spent four days rest in Anaconda  a few days back, I’m happy to just do my resupply, hot breakfast and maybe lunch and then head back to the trail.

Great signage for the past couple of weeks, haven’t missed a turn off

Saw my first Moose for over a month, it was just in front of me staring, I naturally stopped and slowly looked down to get my camera and when I looked back up, it was gone.

It’s no moose in the tree, but an upset chipmunk doing a song and dance while I had lunch

Found a really nice camping ground site at Macdonald Pass and at five o’clock with still plenty of daylight left I setup camp.

Blowdowns that I was warned about, walking up and over trees for an hour. Thankfully they are starting to clear the path with chainsaws. 

Near by, it was pointed out to me by a camper not related to the CDT,  was a lighthouse tower, more precise a mailing light system that works still today. The beacon was working as i passed it the following morning.

Mail lighthouse tower where it was used as a navigation light for early flights and to airdrop mail