9th August Wednesday

I guess  I just needed a rest from the trail.  The Hikers association and Anaconda business community had set up a place where hikers like me can relax.

Its a building that reminds me of my office back in PNG  where I worked, that was made out of a sea container. This one where I stayed in for four days had WiFi, power to charge phones and next door, the public swimming pool, a place to get drinking water and a hot shower.

My home for four days

Each morning I visited a restaurant or cafe for a hot breakfast and Donivan’s became my favourite with their vegetarian Omelette and hash browns.

First cafe I went to was Coffee Corral, coffee good with WiFi, but Break fast was way to small

Coffee Corral

Classic Cafe

Classic Cafe but no WiFi 

There’s a lot to do in this town if the energy was there, but most important of all was the daily visit to the local supermarket for fresh vegetables and fruit.

I mapped out my last 434 miles and if I continue to do 25 miles walking each day with three town days thrown in, I’ll be finished on about the 31 August. I’ve already booked my accommodation in Seattle  with a five nights stay. I’m sure there is plenty  to see and do once I’ve visited the camping stores and clothes buying to replace the rags I’m now wearing.

A place to stay, it’s up fore sale. I’d love to see on the inside

I visited the other Cafe in town which was a little walk, Classic Cafe, with the main theam of motor cars from the sixties, I hoped to have good coffee and a cake while using the internet.  But no cake, no internet and rubbish coffee, maybe the food would be better but I wasn’t hungry as I just had a full breakfast. As a positive and when it came time to pay, she said dont worry about paying as she knew i wanted Wi-Fi and cake.

Next segment I start tomorrow is only three days before I resupply in Helena and with my shopping done I’m ready for an early start.